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Come Outside and Play With Me

 Come Outside and Play With Me -Laurie Benson ©2020 Involuntary Muscle Imagery, "earworms," to psychologists, but nonetheless, the song from my childhood  begins its automatic repeat in my head every winter  when the first snow falls.  Here comes Suzy Snowflake. "Come out everyone and play with me, I haven't long to stay." But, I've heard, "I haven't long to stay," before.  From many things that  never knew when to leave. I have snowshoes.   I've had snowshoes that I've returned, unused.   I have them again. They sing, "Come out everyone and play with me," every winter  as I pass  them  in the garage  on my way  to anywhere.   Anywhere but snowy covered fields,  pine tree branches weighted down in white wonder,  the place where ground and sky, untouched, begs for the imprint of a snowshoe. I'm not the person that never knows when to leave.   I'm the person that never knows when to go. Come out someone and play with me?

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