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The Wait Is Over! Second Offering of Coursework: Prodependence, Moving beyond Codependency

Second Offering of Prodependency Courses
8 weeks on Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30 MST
Join KnewMeJournaling virtually as we begin another series of 8 workshops.  These workshops are for participants ages 18 and up who would like to work their way through journaling about Prodependency and healthy relationships.
Prodependency is a new term in the emotional intelligence and psychology world.  Participants will evolve in their understanding of views and opinions surrounding addiction and codependency, as they participate in a book discussion and then write in facilitated experiences in their journals.
Participants will be using the book, "Prodependency, Moving Beyond Codependency" by Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW and joining conversations each week that engage in new ideas, open mindedness, writing for indirect insight and moving forward in helping yourself or a loved one who has had experience with being called, "codependent."
Please purchase the book prior to the first class,…

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