Private Journaling Sessions for Therapists and Life Coaches


Private Journaling Sessions for Therapists and Life Coaches

Many therapists and life coaches recognize the power and impact of having their clients keep a journal, but it might be difficult to implement these practices without knowing some strategies.  Knowing these can decrease burnout and bring excitement back into the field where you're the expert.

Laurie is not a therapist, but has techniques and insight for helping participants use their journal as a tool for insight, reflection and behavioral changes.  

Through journaling techniques like dialoging, a participant can prewrite situations like job interviews, family gatherings, conversations, etc. which help the upcoming situation seem as if it is Round 2!  The anxiety has been written out before it happens!  

With the strategy of identifying emotions daily, participants will be able to track why they do what they do (which is usually an emotional connection) and reflect on changes with thinking patterns and increase emotional literacy.

Look through the journal offering schedule and find topics that would assist you, and a session can be tailored to your interests and needs.

There are many more techniques that are fun and insightful, and Laurie will facilitate those with you in a private session, set up with your busy schedule.

Cost for the workshop is $100 per hour.
Workshop is live, virtual through Zoom.