Class Descriptions Strands 1-4

Classes are facilitated by Laurie Benson-certified in Journal Facilitation, 2018

Location varies, usually taught at the KnewMeJournaling Studio.

Classes are taught in 4 or 8 week series, each class is called a "strand" and has a topic.

Powerpoint Presentations, with various writing techniques for journaling, are presented in a fun and interesting way, with chances for class participants to share, if they desire.

Classes are informal but insightful.  The journaling techniques are therapeutic in that participants gain greater insight into their lives, have "aha" moments, and regain or begin to love the practice of putting their words on paper.

"How will I ever know you if you never wrote anything down?"  
KMJ Student wishing an ancestor had kept a journal.

Strand 1: Emotional Literacy:  Mar 3, 2020  6:30 P.M.
"We may be carrying familiar patterns that 
carry the echoes of hidden pain 
from the past.  What we need to do in understanding 
these emotional traumas is to be willing to feel our 
sore spots long enough to attach words to them, 
develop emotional literacy, and process them." 

Strand 2: Gratitude Attitude:  Mar 10, 2020  6:30 P.M.
"Gratitude comes from having been to the 
edge of your limits, knowing
the darkest of your depths, and never wanting to
return to it again.  Gratitude that comes from pain
and suffering is strong and resilient.  It is no
longer a forced, "thank-you," but a tangible
feeling.  I have known despair, but I am no longer
there.  I hope this feeling never fades."
-Nadia Sheikh

Strand 3: Quote Yourself: Mar 17, 2020  6:30 P.M.
"I don't want to know 
what 'so and so' thinks about this or that.  
It doesn't convince me of what you believe. 
 I want to know what your pain has taught you.
What joy have you found that has become part of 
your soul and your experience?  Quote yourself!
Your words are powerful!"
-Laurie Benson, KnewMeJournaling

Strand 4: Body Works: Mar 24, 2020  6:30 P.M.
"We release negativity by
cutting the link between the pain-body
and our thought processes, so that
we no longer feed the pain-body
with our thinking.  Every negative
thought has a similar frequency
to the pain-body and so it feeds it.
It cannot feed on positive thoughts.
when the pain-body no longer runs 
the internal dialogue of our compulsive
thinking, we become aware of it
directly.  We feel the emotion in our body,
and so we bring awareness to it,
the light of consciousness.
-Eckhart Tolle