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KnewMeJournaling joins Robert Weiss to offer facilitated writing courses using his book, "Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency."  Classes are Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30 PM (MST) and run from July 22-Sept 9, 2020.

Come join with other participants through the virtual platform, ZOOM, with a facilitated journaling instructor as you practice expressive writing on the topics:  Prodepedence (moving beyond Codependency)

The experience you can have during the coursework is profound.  Prodependence is a new concept which in the words of the author   "...when extended to any type of mutually dependent relationship <can be helpful>  Thus, it is my hope that prodependence will resonate and encourage all readers <and writers> to remain healthfully committed to looking out for (and hanging in there with) those they love--especially when times get tough."
-Robert Weiss

Each participant will need to purchase the book, "Prodependence, Moving Beyond Codependency, by Robert Weiss," prior to the first class.  A journal and your favorite pen will be imperative to recording the insight that you were born to write!

Participants should be ages 21 and older. These topics have given insight into many people's lives who are struggling with anxiety and depression, sensitivities, illness, addiction, feeling stuck and working with difficult relationships. No addiction or codependent behaviors are necessary to learn from the principles in this coursework.  KnewMrJournaling workshops have also been wonderful for therapists, caregivers, teachers and counselors who are experiencing burnout.  The topics are insightful and accessible.  

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Payment also accepted through Venmo @Laurie-Benson