KnowYourWorld: Poetry From KMJ Participants

The Cabin

Feels lonely today
Absent are the dreamers, the builders, the creators
Of our family
46 years together,
It is lonely without
Their voices
No singing of Springtime In The Rockies
No verse of Edgar Allen Poe
No games of checkers
With the challenge to beat grandma
The bird has moved her nest
From the sauna to the deck,
4 tiny eggs waiting for
life to begin,
It is lonely without their presence
An emptiness hangs in the air,
Time has marched on for them
Health declining, energy waning,
Darkness setting in,
The pine trees stand statuesque
The quakies rattle in the wind,
I can hear the quiet roar
Of the stream as it tumbles over rocks
Their imprints left everywhere
On every nail that was hit,
Blood, sweat and swear words
Erected this haven of peace,
A mama dear and her baby
Still fresh with white spots
The circle of life, keeps turning
Fond memories fill up the space.
New colors in the meadow each Spring
Time keeps on ticking
But eternity
Echoes forever...

-Suzanne Hall Wilson©
Fairview Cabin
Summer 2019KnewYourWorld: Participants' Poetry

I Am Alone, But I Am Happy
-G. Haraguchi

The canopy of lush trees
Shielded us, protected,
Yet sparkling beams of
Magical sunlight
Tickled our faces.

We get tastes of
What is to come
Along the way up,
Magnificent glimpses,
A rolling thunder of
White noise.

Here I sit, facing
The white foam,
Practically tasting it,
Watching it roll over
The rocks.

Looking up I see
    Wet brown
        Dusty grey
              Living green
And earthly blue.

Secluded sounds of
Trekking feet
Crunching and grinding
The pebbles and sand

I am alone,
but I am happy.

I allow gravity to 
Choose my pace,
Pushing me as I
Stumble and slip.

My ears search for
The shrill whine of
The cicada, realizing
It's been found too late
As my step announces
My presence.

Though my feet tread,
I feel grounded, rooted,
Sure of myself.

Each step drags me
Farther away from
The peace and surety
Of that godly world,
of that Heaven,
And brings me closer
To the alien species
I call my own.

The time has come
To yet again become
This alien.

-G. Haraguchi©2019
KnewMeJournaling Teen Write For Insight

What is a gift?
by K.C.B. 2019

What is a gift?

Clumsily wrapped. Left on the doorstep.
No one at home.
Delivered at a time unannounced, unplanned...random stop on the way from I don’t know where, to I don’t know where.
Offering to a young boy from a distant, struggling, loving grandma, in celebration of an very long past.
Maybe a quick afterthought in an vulnerable moment...who can know?...I don’t know.
I suppose a random guess is made.

Her world. I don’t see.
My world. She doesn’t see.

Electric shoe shine kit.
For a boy with no shoes that will ever shine.

It is said that it’s the thought that counts and that is so very true...but it counts so very little.
Because the only true gift is being truly, deeply, honestly, completely seen by someone.

Photo by Nick Miller on Unsplash

Courageous by G.L.P. 2020
This poem was written by one of the journaling participants after a session where they pulled smaller words out of the word, "Courageous."  We've all done something like this in school before, right?  But this is one of the most powerful and brilliant poems to come from that activity that I've ever seen.  People see things differently, and to find all of this...all of these powerful words in the one word, "Courageous," is truly inspiring.
Thanks for sharing it here with us, G.L.P.