KnowYourWorld: Poetry From KMJ Participants

The Cabin

Feels lonely today
Absent are the dreamers, the builders, the creators
Of our family
46 years together,
It is lonely without
Their voices
No singing of Springtime In The Rockies
No verse of Edgar Allen Poe
No games of checkers
With the challenge to beat grandma
The bird has moved her nest
From the sauna to the deck,
4 tiny eggs waiting for
life to begin,
It is lonely without their presence
An emptiness hangs in the air,
Time has marched on for them
Health declining, energy waning,
Darkness setting in,
The pine trees stand statuesque
The quakies rattle in the wind,
I can hear the quiet roar
Of the stream as it tumbles over rocks
Their imprints left everywhere
On every nail that was hit,
Blood, sweat and swear words
Erected this haven of peace,
A mama dear and her baby
Still fresh with white spots
The circle of life, keeps turning
Fond memories fill up the space.
New colors in the meadow each Spring
Time keeps on ticking
But eternity
Echoes forever...

-Suzanne Hall Wilson©
Fairview Cabin