Facilitated Journal Instructor: Laurie Benson

Meet Your Facilitator, Laurie, owner of KnewMeJournaling.
Laurie received her certification as a 
Facilitated Journal To The Self Instructor 
from the Therapeutic Writing Institute in 2017.

She is a beloved school teacher, author, poet and artist.  
KnewMeJournaling was born from the power Laurie found in journaling, 
finding prophetic insight by reading her own journals over periods of difficult times in her life.  
Her workshops encourage others to find awareness and insight by helping them write their own story 
and get to KnowThemselvesBetter as their journaling experience progresses in safe,
caring workshops with groups of like minded people.

Laurie has facilitated meetings for families of recovering addicts, using principles in 
Melody Beattie's book, "Codependent No More," and has made many friends in the recovery world, 
who have both helped her in her own recovery, and given her encouragement to take the powerful tool of journaling to others.  Inspired by, Dr. Robert Weiss, author of, "Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency," Laurie wrote her own curriculum, and now teaches courses titled, 
"From Codependency to Prodependency," which allow participants to feel the power in moving through the last stages of recovery, gain emotional sobriety, and find permission to love difficult people.

You can find Laurie on facebook and instagram at
She is available for workshops, retreats and 
public speaking engagements 
and can be contacted at lauriebenson@mac.com