Come join KnewMeJournaling, facilitated courses!  Over 1,200 participants have journaled their way through many topics and gained insight into their own lives and a friendly relationship with their journal. This is a picture of the KnewMeJournaling studio where we used to gather in person.  Now the facilitated courses are offered online through Zoom.  You will be sent a Zoom link prior to class.

Each participant writes in their own journal.  As the topic is discussed there are several entry points and examples for writing, and then the participants spend time in their journals.  Sharing is always optional.  A lot of indirect insight into lives is the result of journal work.  Powerful, vulnerable and brave.  
Such a sacred space.

Indirect Insight Into Our Lives

We use our senses to take a lot of life into our bodies.  Our eyes are always looking, searching, witnessing.  Writing down what we observe helps us get to KnowUsBetter!  Come give it a try.  You will be amazed at the hidden truths and the Bible In Your Soul that you were born to write!

Class participants become friends as they hear each other's stories and "shares," which are completely optional...but always seem to happen as we develop trust and camaraderie.  Confidentiality and anonymity are priorities with KnewMeJournaling participants so they feel safe to 
"write their insides out."  Look at this great feedback