During the last 8 weeks this has given me something to look forward to.  I can't believe how easy Laurie makes it for me to write in my journal.  I have learned a lot about myself, and feel like I have a whole new outlook on what it means to write in a journal."

"I've been looking forward to class again and have my journal all ready!  It's a good thing you sent the reminder because I was looking forward to it so much that I thought it started today and would have shown up tonight, pen in hand! I'll try to hold on until the next class!" -KMJ Class Participant

"Came home today and spent the afternoon reading my old journals, what a wonderful summer day with my girls.  Thank you for this gift you have given/shown/and taught us."  -KMJ Class Participant

"I have been meaning to tell you how much last week's session meant to me and has helped me this week.  What you are doing is immensely appreciated and needed."  -KMJ Class Participant

"I love, love, love this class!  Truly you are wise and inquisitive!  I do not have all the wit and wisdom you have but many things that were over my head are starting to make sense.  I love journaling and poetry but still hung up about poems having to rhyme!   The journaling classes are phenomenal.  I'm a work in progress.  This helps."  -KMJ Participant

"I loved your quote tonight.  It touched me instantly."  -KMJ Participant

"Can I share a poem that I wrote after class that really brought out some things that I have been struggling with?" -KMJ Participant

"Wow, I should be asleep, but I am still thinking about your class.  Powerful, beautiful, inspiring, and yes...for me, fun.  I felt very rejuvenated and uplifted.  I felt a very positive energy and quite enjoyed myself....writing from my heart.  It doesn't always have to be sad for me.  Today, it was not.  I can't wait-really and truly-for the next class." -KMJ Participant

"I've taken this course twice and it was different for me each time.  The group dynamic makes it different, and the way I take in the information."  -KMJ Participant

"So basically you just spit words out on a paper and call it a poem?"  TeenKMJParticipant