New Course! How To Understand Difficult People: March 2-23, 2022

How To Understand Difficult People
through Journal Writing

With a facilitator, learn some strategies for journal writing that will help you understand the difficult people in your life.  One of the difficult people you write about might be your own self!  
In this four week course we will cover four topics.

1.  How To Spin A Life
2.  Courage Looks A Lot Like Love
3.  Put Yourself In My Shoes
4.  Emotional Health

At the end of the course you will have several journaling strategies that can be used for many difficult situations.  Journaling with a facilitator helps get the pen going in a direction of reflective writing, writing for insight and realizing unrevealed truths.  The difficult people in our lives have, at times, made it so that we don't trust our own intuition, are frustrated, and feel like we don't know what to do.  Journaling helps to clarify and resolve those emotions.

Course is virtual through Zoom.  A link will be sent through email after registration.

March 2-23

Wednesday Nights 6:30-8:30 PM MST


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