On Perspective: You Knowing You: Trusting Your Journal


On Perspective: You Knowing You
Trusting Your Journal


2 week workshops: virtual through ZOOM: $60.00

Jan 17 and Jan 18 (Wednesday) from 7:00-8:30 PM MST


Jan 24 and Jan 25 (Wednesday) from 6:30-8:00 PM MST

Topic for first class: On Time, and How Long Is This Going To Last? (Jan 17 and Jan 24)

Topic for second class: On Your Own: Finding Togetherness (Jan 18 and Jan 25)

Sometimes we can't get far enough away from ourselves to see ourselves clearly.  Through journal writing we receive direct insight into our own lives, usually when we least expect it.  Journaling helps us to make sense of the senseless, find meaning from experience and predict future encounters or situations.  Come give it a try and see if your perspective changes!

$60 for both classes! 


email the facilitator, Laurie, for questions and registration


From a participant:

"I have been journaling all my life, but it has been mostly record keeping and complaining haha! Laurie helped me write about things that seemed to directly affect the way I think.  I was worried about her reading what I wrote, but she never asked to do that, which was a relief.  I don't like reading out loud.  I was surprised at how much I wrote and that Zoom worked so well for this kind of class. I loved it, and will sign up again!"