Subscription To Journal Prompts Starts Now!

Hi friends!
Guess what's happening next?  Links to journal prompts!  All the prompts
will be generated by me, Laurie as the facilitator of KnewMeJournaling Therapeutic Writing.

If you would like to register or sign-up for a month worth of journal prompts for April,
you can email me at and tell me how you would like the link sent.  
It can be sent through messenger, email or text.  

This is a sample of what a journal "prompt" would look like.  
You can write on your own time and take as much time as you want.
(Very generous of me..usually in groups I use a timer).  

Payment is $40 through Venmo @laurie-benson
You'll know you're on the right Venmo account 
when you see the big KnewMeJournaling icon.

You can also email me any poems or writes that you would like after you finish
the prompt.  It's my FAVORITE thing to read your words.

If the video below doesn't open, you can watch
the same thing on YOUTUBE here: