by Laurie Benson 2022 
Newspapers had a section,
Help Wanted, called Classified,
and if you qualified for the classified
you could apply and
wait to see how
things turned out.

Were you the person they
were looking for in
the advertisement?
Would the hourly wage be
enough for you
to be you?

A different sort of help
is wanted, needed these days.
It won't go in the newspaper
or online.
Not the much publicized
Craig's List, not Glass Door,
Indeed or Linkedin, but
the "help me if you can," kind
the Beatles sang about.

H.I.R.I.N.G. signs are posted
everywhere, sometimes
with a bonus.  Incentives,
calling out, "help us if you can,
if you will!"

But a friend once told me
he would never live to work,
only work to live, and it seems
working to live, the work of living
is more difficult
these days than
working for hire, and 
nothing about that should
be classified.

So if you can, "get someone's
feet back on the ground,
they will so appreciate you 
comin' round,"
and there won't be a sign
that is easy to see,
so watch with something
other than your eyes.
If you can.


Anonymous said…
Sooooo good👏
When I was young I didn’t realize I needed help in anyway… but now I’m not so young…