Tell Me More About The C.S. Lewis Journaling Class!


C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce:  $125 for up to 3 people.  Four 2 hour sessions.

Fun and insightful class, 4 weeks (2 hour sessions) taken privately, or with a couple of friends that you don't mind sharing insight with.  Price is the same for 1-3 people.  Workbook cost is $15.00 and is a download.

Set up the time with the instructor.  Very flexible times.

This workbook created by Laurie has been used for people who are fascinated with the afterlife, heaven and hell, habits and passions and what creates loneliness.

It has been used in the Al-Anon program for Sponsorship, with great success and healing.

Plus the workbook is delightful!

Email Laurie at to set up times for your group.

Here's what you need:

Make your class dates: email Laurie at

Venmo $125.00 (same price for 1-3 people)

Venmo $15.00 for workbook download: SAMPLE OF WORKBOOK: 

Purchase: C.S. Lewis, "The Great Divorce" (Amazon has it) and begin browsing through it.