The Most Popular Journal Workshop from KnewMeJournaling

On Perspectives: Just $150.00 for 4 weeks!

More popular than any other workshop, Perspectives has been the all time favorite.  

The topics are light and fun, but very insightful.  Empowering journaling after the anxiety of smiling behind masks, feeling isolated, feeling strong emotions, and being lonely.  This workshop is absolutely for you.

What is a journaling workshop?

Through ZOOM you will join a group of 8-10 other participants where a journal facilitator will guide you through activities that help spark your imagination.  Timed periods where you write those thoughts in a journal will lead you to the insightful message behind your words.  Laurie, the facilitator, can draw out meanings behind your words, and help you to see how journaling can help you see that you already have the answers deep inside you.  Journaling helps to calm the mind, receive insight and problem solve.  It can show progress and delight in the journey of life.  

Participants have said, "Learning about time and my willingness to be patient has helped me through the isolation of the pandemic.  I wrote about another time when I had to be patient and the feelings that were very similar to ones that I'm having now.  I was able to see that my emotions can be used to help me through difficult times."

"Laurie has such engaging stories and journal prompts.  I haven't stopped writing since.  I thought journaling was just a daily recording of events, and now I see that it is actually me writing my own future.  Fascinating."

"I loved being in a virtual class.  I was able to turn off the video during the timed writing so that I could focus and be less distracted.  Laurie runs a fun and professional workshop, making it safe for all the participants to share and discuss the things they are learning.  She didn't ask me to share my journal, she asked me if I would share some thoughts that I learned from journaling.  I've never done anything like this.  It was amazing."

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