by Laurie Benson 2019

Petrichor, blood of stones,

if inhaled too deeply

can be deadly to

the tissue-thin, pink-lining

of your lungs.

But, because when

it rains, this

intoxicating smell

mixed with droplets,

ozone-laced droplets,

is not deadly.

But, still addicting.

The smell of primal life,

rocks, caves, birth

and death.

If a deluge, the

smell quickly fades,

droplet to ozone ratio

too great.

But parched ground,

thirsty for a drink,

small sips in an

Arizona desert or

rain on red rocks,

the black, rich forest compost,

this carries the perfect

recipe for the long draw

on nature's cigarette.

The long, deep inhale,

and somatic response

of a long forgotten

relaxation and

realization that,

we are ashes to ashes,

and dust to dust.

In just the right ratio.