Meet your workshop facilitator, Laurie Benson. 

She has a lot of gratitude for her people who bring her words. 

Laurie has facilitated many groups over the years with workshops both virtually and at the KnewMeJournaling studio.

Course topics have included:

-C.S. Lewis, the Great Divorce (Sponsorship for Al Anon or People Who Love Addicts)

-The 8 strands of getting to KnowYou better (Find Your Voice, Gratitude, etc)

-From Codependency to Prodependency..write your way to Emotional Sobriety

-Perspectives on Spiders, Snakes and Other Natural Miracles

-Teen Workshops, your life is a dictionary

-Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows? LGBTQ friendly

-The Women In The Background (Biblical Women Perspectives)

-Insight Into A Poet's Heart

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Workshops are offered every 8 weeks and average around 15 participants.  The cost is $150.00

More Information  

As a career teacher-of-words to elementary age children for 30 years, Laurie finds joy in the humor and simple truths that come from the mouths of babes.

Being called, "A God teacher," in a thank-you card from a third grade student, helped her realize the joy in the misspell. 

Laurie believes that every child is born with a sandwich under their arm and a Bible in their soul, and they carry that throughout their lives, sometimes not knowing how to access their own truth. 

If you are struggling with accessing that bite of sandwich, feeding your soul, or speaking your words, these workshops are for you. 

Come take a big bite of life, get to KnowYou better, through KnewMeJournaling. It's the life you've been waiting to read about all along. The one where You will write about You.