A Real Project

Laurie Benson 2021

A post on Marketplace, for a

dollhouse, sent me to

Eagle Mountain,

which has quadrupled in

size since I taught

there seventeen 

years ago.

Mom and I spent a

weekday wandering through

an antique store looking

at dollhouses.

Completely finished and

furnished, nothing broken.

Ready to display.

Not ready to play.

The Marketplace dollhouse

was listed as, "a real

project for someone."

That someone might

be me.  I seem to be

drawn toward projects.

Hands on.

Ready to throw on 

some paint, make miniature

stained glass windows,

repair broken legs on tiny

furniture, put hinges on

small doors

so they can move.


Some shingles are

missing, no flooring or

walls are with decor,

it needs front stairs.



It's not going on display

but will be a work in

progress.  I imagine my

grandson painting

it in rainbow hues,

drawing miniature pictures

for the walls.

Suns and houses and

ducks.  Play-dough

people, easily squashed

and reformed again.

Each coming to the

table where the dollhouse sits,

a new experience

to learn.

Hands on.