The Most Popular Journaling Class: On Perspectives


On Perspectives: 

The Most Popular Journaling Class

March 2-23: Wednesday nights 

from 6:30-8:00 PM MST

New Facilitated Journaling Workshops for 2022

On Perspective: YouKnowingYou

Join KnewMeJournaling as you learn to write about the "ons" in your life.  

Short workshops, great price, virtual platform.  6:30-8:00 PM MST

Mar 2: On Time: and, "How Long Is This Going To Last?"

Mar 9: On Dirt: and, "Depression and Anxiety Are Cousins!"

Mar 16: On Snakes: and, "How Not To Crawl Out Of Your Skin, but Shed It."

23: On Your Own: and, "Loneliness And Finding Togetherness."

On Payment: $80 USD.

On Sharing: Share this information with a friend.  People need this now.  We're all getting tired of binge watching.

On Requirements: No prior skills needed.  All you need is a journal and curiosity (well, you do need Internet :)

On Zoom: yep, the link will be sent before the class.

On Registration: email the facilitator, Laurie Benson at prior to Feb 25, 2022.  Classes fill up fast.  

This class had a waiting list, so email Laurie today!