Buy the book and read chapter 1 before the first class on January 7.

From Codependency to Prodependency: Write your way to Emotional Sobriety.

Jan 4-Mar 1, 2022
Tuesday Nights from 7:00-9:00 PM MST

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A message from your facilitator: Laurie

Last year I wrote curriculum for my certification using Robert Weiss' book "Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency." With his blessing, we use our journals, his book and my curriculum titled, "From Codependency to Prodependency: Write Your Way To Emotional Sobriety."©

You can buy his book here: Prodependence and have chapter 1 read by January 4.  It would also make a great gift to give someone.  You can tuck their registration inside the book, maybe even with a new journal!  

This is what participants have said about the curriculum and facilitated journaling workshops.

"I had no idea I would feel this good about getting rid of the label codependent.  I have suffered with guilt for a long time, and I like the idea of prodependent behavior.  It makes me feel like I've got my self-esteem back."

"Laurie is brilliant at getting you into your journal.  I was very hesitant to take the class because we don't have anyone with addiction in our family.  I found that in the very first chapter and our first class together that we were actually going to be journaling about loving difficult people.  I'm the most difficult person in my own life!"

"This was too much for me and I had to quit after 2 classes.  I have been going to a therapist for the first time, and the very first session he asked me if I was journaling.  I'll sign up again after I have had some therapy."

"Laurie talks about emotional sobriety and other words that I've never heard anyone use.  I've learned a lot about how my negative thoughts make things worse for myself.  I didn't get any advice in the class.  People just listened.  It surprised me how many times my own journaling brought me the words that I needed to hear.  I joined the class during COVID and it was the only thing I had to look forward to."

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