From Codependency To Prodependency: New Solutions To An Old Problem

From Codependency To Prodependency:

New Solutions to an old Problem 

Much sought after workshop: A True Favorite
March 7-April 25: 8 weeks $240.00

Tuesday Nights 7:30-9:00 PM MST 

This facilitated workshop is for people who realize that calling someone codependent, or an enabler can be shaming and debilitating.  Come journal about a new term in recovery, "prodependent."  There are new solutions to this old problem, but you might be new to the problem!  Everyone can benefit from this course because we all have relationships that help us separate our emotions from other people's problems.  Come journal about how to do this! 



New Workshops (virtual) March 7-April 25 (Tuesday Nights)
8 weeks on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:00 PM MST
Join KnewMeJournaling virtually as we begin another series of 8 workshops.  These workshops are for participants ages 16 and up who would like to work their way through journaling about Prodependency and healthy relationships.  In a world where there is anxiety all around us, this workshop helps to deal with your own anxieties and understand and support difficult people in your life.

Prodependency is a new term in the emotional intelligence and psychology world.  Participants will evolve in their understanding of views and opinions surrounding addiction and codependency, as they participate in a book discussion and then write in facilitated experiences in their journals.

Participants can use the book, "Prodependency, Moving Beyond Codependency" by Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW and joining conversations each week that engage in new ideas, open mindedness, writing for indirect insight and moving forward in helping yourself or a loved one who has had experience with being called, "codependent."

You may choose to purchase the book prior to the first class, as each class will have activities for writing that coincide with each chapter, but the book is optional.

Q and A:
What if you don't like writing, but want to give journaling a try?
This class is for you!  A variety of journal entry points will be given and demonstrated in a way that accommodates almost all learning and writing styles.  The "therapeutic" aspects of writing come from your own indirect insight that becomes clear to you as you follow the writing prompts.

What if I'm not an addict or codependent and don't know one, and I'm still interested in taking the class?
The facilitated journaling will give you insight into all your relationships...including the one with yourself! Robert Weiss' book is assistive for all of life's relationships.  Come check it out and see how well you fit in!

What if I don't know how to go online virtually?
A Zoom link will be sent to your email and joining is easier than you think!  You will participate from the privacy of your own home, but feel like you are in a community.

What materials do I need?
An IPAD, phone or computer.  Internet.  Optional: The book, Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency by Robert Weiss.  A journal that you have chosen and a smooth pen.

How do I sign up?
Email with your information.
You will be emailed any poems, handouts, etc. that you need, prior to class, and a Venmo Link.