May You Be Blessed

May You Be Blessed
-Laurie Benson
inspired by John O'Donohue's "For A New Beginning"

You have out of the way places
of the heart.  You hardly
ever go there, but perhaps
this beginning will help
the emptiness that is growing
inside you to be filled.

Already your thoughts are
beginning to wander, and
notice again how you 
will yourself on.  
Perhaps you
could trust the wandering
of the thoughts to take you
to those heart's fifth

Being unable to leave what
you have outgrown is
what causes your emotional
body pain.  Your spirit's
adventure confined in a space
too small.

Your soul is sensing the world
that is awaiting you.
This is the pulling on
of your shoes to walk
out into the world each
day and be willing
to fall.

This very morning your
courage was kindled until
you landed hard on
hands and knees, feeling
all your energies and dreams
fall to that hard ground.
Unfurled, you knew there
was only then, the grace
of the beginning.

Finding that new rhythm,
and an ease in the risk
of rising again, you
took a breath, slowly
straightened yourself up,
and walked the path
of plentitude home.

Your soul senses the world
that awaits you, and
that is why
you place your shoes
by the door, and will
go out