Where Are You From?

Where Are You From

-Laurie Benson 2016

I am from an only and an orphan,
from religion and kitchen doctoring.
I am from a family of five children
3 girls, 2 boys, twins that didn't make it.

I am from home grown food
and food storage
whose powdered milk I remember
as if it were still a lumpy threat.

I am from Grandma Bolton's dinner and stories of polio,
I'm from secrets, and sorrow and pasts untold,

from stitches and casts and penicillin shots.

I'm from the Book of Mormon and
stories of Lamanites and Nephites and other ites.

I'm from cherry trees and welfare farms, 
from swimming teams and family night. 

From the bishop whose daughter did him proud,
and the childhood boyfriend who became my spouse.

In my basement bedroom there were twin beds, 
a painted mural of a rainbow on the wall,
a well loved boom box playing, "Boz Scaggs" and "Barry Manilow."

I am from a Chevy Malibu bought from a grandma 
and I am from many moments
made before I was thought of,
a leaf from a family tree.