Showing Up: National Hope Week

Showing Up: National Hope Week
-Laurie Benson©2020

For me, showing up is love
and connection.
Then why do I hide?
Especially when it's suicide?

I know it's outrageous,
but it feels contagious,
and so does divorce, and
cancer and sorrow.

I'm not immune, I know there
is no vaccination for all
the suffering and worrying
that life rains down,

But, what if I show up and
you want to be alone?  Are you
brave enough to send me home?
Should I rush in?
Or wait, until people have
forgotten the date that
is forever etched on
your timeline?

There is a story I vaguely remember
about Christ, in his robe,
and sandals, of course.
Walking slowly,
so slowly that
someone died.  No longer
alive, and he still
didn't run, but decided
to come and see.

He knew, and knows, so
much more
than me.

"Talitha cumi," Jesus said,
when he finally arrived,
and took the daughter
by the hand saying,

And she did, and he ate,
knowing it wasn't late.
Can I feel that as well?
When I go to sit with
the suffering, that I am
also not too late?  That
it is God who lifts those who
die, not I?

I just have to show up,
when I can,
exactly as I am,
even for death by suicide.