You, My Dear, Are Depressed

*This is a poem written in awareness for suicide prevention.  Please ask.  Please tell.  Please know that you are not alone.  You are not alone.

You, My Dear, Are Depressed
-Laurie Benson 2019©

You are worth more to them
alive, than dead, 
and yet,
you had convinced
yourself otherwise.

How could this possibly be?
That your brain could 'truth-tell' you
such a cunning lie,
and your heart
could buy into it?

Because, my dear darling,
you, are depressed.
So depressed you have been
pushed down in life's mud by
a giant thumb,
leaving a crater-like-hole.

How will the hole be filled
and make you whole again?
The rain.
The rain, my dear, darling.

He always sends the rain.
It will fill that depression right up 
to the surface, 
where he will extend his hand,
and help you