Move Over

Move Over
-Laurie Benson 2019

National Poetry Month,
and one year ago in
April, my pen said,
"Write a poem a day
for a year
every day!
Don't delay!

And like all things
I do,
I really wanted to,
and I was perfect
at the start.
What a talent!
What an art!

Then good-bye went
a day,
and a week, no poem
but instead of giving
"It's O.K.!"
said my pen,

So I've got these
two full journals,
of at least 100 poems,
and that's not
important in the
way I thought it
should be done
or would be done.

For what has happened
in this year
with paper meeting
pen, is
I've found a love
of self, of people,
quotes, and friends.

I've met great writers,
read their works,
shed some tears
with them,
I've balanced out my
life, made a few
more amends.

I've laughed at some
of the funny stuff
and realized brand
new things,
and found a couple
of poets who were
ones I'd never read.

My poems, my pen,
my journey has put
my heart into