Timestables are adding the same number over and over and over again.
I’m starting time over.
I don’t have to use multiplication to live my life, multiplying in my mind the same
narrative over and over and over again until I’m a product.

I’m starting over with thinking that I am too much to handle.
Just because I have thought this about myself, multiple times,
I am not too much
to handle.
In fact, I handle myself quite well, and think that it would be
a marvelous equation of equals that would live together as the sum
of all differences.

I’m starting over by starting over.  A reset button of sorts.
Each day begins, sometimes cloudy, sometimes the sun coming up
so slowly it’s barely noticeable,
but the day still starts over.  This is the weather report I will
give myself permission to live, each day clear or cloudy,
rainy or calm,
and an occasional
Laurie Benson KnewMeJournaling©