Oh Heart

Oh Heart

Oh heart,
were you formed from 
all the cells of all the
other cells and placed
in my chest?

That never-ending matter
made of other parts
of other hearts,
from love, worry,
shame, blame,
ache and despair?

Was it an evolution, or
the gathering of star
stuff?  I know you
feel it all, 

Sometimes a beat of
gratitude, but often
an earthquake whose
magnitude is 8.0
on the Richter Scale
of Richter Scales. 

Seismographic Oscillations.
Heartache Equations.
Loving Persuasions.
Feeling Elations.
Fearful Occasions.

You beat in my head
all week, mostly
on the left side
right underneath 
my eye.

Is there a way, can someone
show me how to
make an exchange,
explain to my brain,
that my heart needs
to lead instead

of my head?

-Laurie Benson 2019©