by Laurie Benson 2019 ©

This week my ears
have caught 
so many lines for
poems, but
now as I sit to
write one,
none of them are in
my recall,
well, one actually is.
The line was,
"I'm the best 
imitation of myself,"
but I can't trust 
what that means

How can you imitate
yourself? A selfie
shows me smiling from
the version of me,
that I chose.
Smiling at my phone.
Holding it up, away,
not under my neck-for
a better look. Is that
the best imitation?
My selfie?

I have a sweater
that feels like silk
but is actually
made from plastic.
It's easy to wash
and wasn't expensive-
no worms spinning webs
were involved in the
making of the
sweater, but I'm sure
small children were,
and probably sweating
in a shop while
doing it.

If I wear a sweater
that looks and feels
like silk, and people
believe it
that the best
imitation of me?
or of silk?

And you say I
have different words
in different crowds-
changing my speech
for the ears of
the listeners, and of
course so I'll feel
like I belong.
Fit in.
Literally a cat, a

Well, I hope I AM
the best imitation of
myself, because all of
those other things are
but still parts of me.