Your Lips, My Eye

After a session in the pool, water being
the only thing large enough to hold
the anxiety that my body was trying to hold,

I saw you, and your

I thought about why someone would
wear lipstick to swim? and wondered,
if that had stayed on your lips
the entire time your face
under water?

All the anxieties that my mind had been
riddled with for the past hour,
instantly replaced with this new,
more interesting 

Why?  Why would someone wear
lipstick to swim?
And then, the mirror in the gym
locker room showed me
that my eye was a deep
bloodshot red.

Streaks of color like a sunset
in the white of my eye.

And now the mote on your lips is the beam
in my eye, and again, I have
been reminded,
"worry about oneself."