Class Descriptions Strands 5-8

Strand 5: Poems That Don't Rhyme
Stretching Our Boundaries
"But it isn't easy, said Pooh,
because Poetry and Hums aren't
things which you get, they're
things which get you.  And all
you can do is to go where they
can find you."
-AA Milne

Strand 6: Past, Present and Future
"You are asking yourself, as all of
us must: Who am I? Where am I?
Whence do I go?"  The process of
enlightenment is usually slow.
But, in the end, our seeking always
brings a finding.  These great
mysteries are, after all,
enshrined in complete simplicity."
-Bill W. Alcoholics Anonymous

Strand 7: What Have You Lost &
What Have You Found?
"What is missing really? I ask my
heart, unsure what it will reply.
To find, and be be
turned around?  He can, and so
can I."
-Laurie Benson, KnewMeJournaling

Strand 8: Gratitude Practices
"What was this feeling in my
breast, unknown,
a stranger or a visitor who had
been away for years.
And then I knew.

What I had thought so oft was
relief, was gratitude.
And then, gratitude's big brother,
"Hope" came right
behind, making shadows
disappear with such
bright light."
-Laurie Benson, KnewMeJournaling