Snow Soul  -Laurie Benson 2019

Snow angel?
Well, I had to make a deal
with the devil 
to get my fifty-five-
year-old body out of it,
but get out of it
I did,
and now, I'm smiling
like a kid,

like when I used to 
let my dad pull me
around on an inner
tube in our
and snow meant
hot chocolate, and
men of snow
and white castle-brick

When cold water
on your frozen hands
felt warm, after
you finally came in,
because every part
of your soul
had played

It's Right There
by Laurie Benson 2019
Following a finger
pointed by a friend or
someone with better
vision than mine,
never helps me to see
what's "right there..." frustrating for us
both as I scan the area
in the great blue, that
holds the something they
want me to see.
"It's right there!" they say,
and it's going away..well,
of course it is, and another
day that I haven't seen
what is to be seen.
But on the beach, when
walking alone, I always
find treasures...some can't
be brought home, like
the turtle, mutually startled,
which turned and plodded
toward the water.
I held myself back from
diving down deep after it,
to see it in the great beneath.
And a seal, which barked
at just the right time so
I didn't think it was a log,
it barked like a dog, and
I saw, and it saw,
and no one was pointing
So this treasure I see,
is the
Virgin Mary.
It's right there.
And if you can't see it,
that's fine with her too,
And yes,
she came home with me,
from the sea.