This Day

This Day
-Laurie Benson

Everyone who has a mother,
and I mean everyone
will have a Mother's Day
when their mother
has gone
And they will say,
"I wish I might, I wish I may
have the wish I wish today,
One More Day."

Another Day.
And in their mind,
The Perfect Day.
But God won't have it
any Other Way because,
Going Away is part of
Every Day.

Dying is just
Another Day.
The world doesn't stop it's
twenty-four hours of
sun and stars,
light and dark.

But when you wish 
upon a star, 
in the dark part of
that Mother's Day, 
the one where your
mamma has gone away,
when you say, 
"Star that is light and
star that is bright,
May I have my wish

Perhaps it's not for
Another Day, but
a Better Way.
The way your mother would
have you
This Day.